Stucco Pflugerville Solar Screen Install


This is a solar screen installation we did for a customer off of Row Lane, in Pflugerville, Texas. This installation consists of stucco solar screens.

The picture doesn’t really do the installation justice, because it looks like the solar window screens are washed out. It doesn’t look like the screens are actually of stucco color. It makes the screens a little bit gray, but they are of a stucco color.

This customer was one that was strong‑headed about using this stucco fabric. In truth, it does not look bad. It just looks like a clean installation. It’s a very clean look.

One thing you have to careful of when you use these lighter color fabrics is, they will show dirt easier.

Personally, I have the beige fabric on my home, and I have to wash those screens. I wash them every year. You really should wash them at least every year, if not, at least every two years.

This particular home, with this light color fabric, these guys are going to want to wash their screens…