Solar Screen installation for Round Rock TX

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Round Rock TX Solar Screen Installation.  We did this solar screen installation for the Slaven’s. This home is located in Round Rock, Texas. The solar screen fabric color that we used is black.

The exterior of this home is a white limestone, so the black was a good compliment to the white limestone exterior. As shown in this picture, we used the 80 percent solar screen fabric.

The Slaven’s were just thrilled in regards to our accountability. Mrs. Slaven, Mary Ann Slaven, she said that she wanted to tell us that we did a great job. That we were extremely accountable, and she quotes here, “That is rare today.”

She says, “It’s rare that people show up when they say they’re going to.” With us, we always, always, always are accountable. When we say we’re going to be there on a certain day, you can count on us being there on that day.

Now, Mr. Slaven, Patrick Slaven, he said, “The process was great.” He loved the entire ordering process, the measuring process, the whole estimating process. He said, “It was very slick.” That it worked well and everything went as represented. He highly recommends our solar screen services.

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Thanks, screens are great. Process is very slick and works as represented. Highly recommend your services. -Patrick Slavin
I add my thanks.
You did what you said you would and, unfortunately, that is rare today. -MaryAnn Slavin