, electricity usage monitoring

The website is available to both residential and businesses. In a nutshell, what the smart meter Texas website allows you to do is to monitor your electricity usage. On your home or building you have an actual smart meter, this is a meter that communicates with your current utility provider. Learn about which meters you can access here.  Each home or business has a unique ESI ID which was issued by the state of Texas for that property. It is this ESI ID that the website will communicate with, it is this ID number (17 or 22 digit number) that has been assigned to your property that will be your identification. So through the website you can monitor your usage of electricity which is displayed in 15 minute intervals which is viewable and downloadable via graphs and raw data.  This is a really great tool for you to be able to see where and at what times your electricity is being used. How much electricity are you using during the days when you are not home, when you are at work?  How about when you are away on vacation? This site will allow you to monitor those usages.  To learn more about the smart Texas meter program take a look at their frequently asked questions section on their website. They even have a video demo that you can watch.

If you are technically minded you can take this smart meter program to a whole new level. You can tie in all of your home area network devices together to better control the utility usage within your property and you can monitor all of these device activities and functions through the Smart Meter Texas website. You cannot control these home area network devices however you can monitor them through this website.

This is just one more great service brought to you by the Public Utility Commission of Texa.