Manchaca Texas Solar Screen Review

This review was written into us from the McGee family in Manchaca, Texas. This installation was done on one of our typical hot summer days. It was 105 degrees that day, which is typical for Texas. We did this solar screen installation while the customer was at work, which we do a great deal of installations, without the customers being home.

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We install our screens from the outside, so the customers do not need to be home when we do our installations.

Manchaca TX is part of our Austin TX Solar Screen Service area

This customer came home after work, around 5:00 PM, and they said the inside of the home was a cool 75 degrees. They said they’re air conditioning unit wasn’t even running. They said that was a first for them, during this extreme heat.

They bragged about how well the screens look, from the inside and the outside. They said they were quite pleased. They’re happy that we did everything we said we we’re going to do. We met all promises, and they were very pleased with our prompt service.

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It was 105 degrees outside. Walked into the house at 5 pm—it was a cool 75 degrees and the AC wasn’t running—a first during this extreme heat. The screens look great inside and outside—quite pleased. You did everything you said you were going to do. Thank you for your informative and prompt service.