How important are customer reviews

Like with any business, business reviews provided by the customer are important. It is these reviews by customers, that share their experience with the business, to future customers, which serves to play a vital role in a future customers decision.

What reviews can you trust? I can say this from experience, we have so many written solar screen reviews on our website, that our reviews have been plagiarized and used all across the internet.  All over the internet I see other solar screen companies from other cities and states using our reviews.  These businesses, these websites, had taken are written reviews and use them on their site as their own. I have even found a Google review for another solar screen company, where the person that posted the Google review 100% copied one of my customers hand written reviews in to me.  By using a program called copy scape, I can take the text from one of my handwritten reviews and put it in to the program, and the program will tell me if that taxes being used anywhere else on the internet. It is through this means, that I have found my reviews being plagiarized over and over and over again across the Internet.

How about when you go to visit a website, and on that website you have a bunch of typed in reviews? Can you believe those reviews are real? How much validity do you get give to hand-typed reviews posted on a companies website? I can tell you that with me personally, I give them very little validity. I do not believe reviews that are typed in onto a website.  Far too many small businesses self generate their own reviews and it is easy for them to do this when all they have to do is get creative with their words to type something up then post that on their website.

I have over the years contacted many online solar screen companies that have plagiarized my reviews, to inform them of their plagiarism. Time and time again I have been told it wasn’t them, that it was their web developer that did the plagiarism.

I, Josh Hobbs, recognize this as an issue therefore on my website, my website is chalked full of hand written reviews. Hand written reviews cannot be mass produced our faked. They cannot be faked in the quantity that we provide. There are over 300 hand written reviews on our website. Customers of ours have taken time out of their day to sit down and write to us by hand and then mail that letter or writing into us. That to me says a lot. Additionally on our website, there are reviews that have been submitted to us by our customers through the means of video. We have a page called customer video reviews.

On YouTube you can watch many of our solar screen customer reviews.
Solar Screen Customer Video Review L012
Round Rock Solar Screen Customer Video Review
Cedar Park TX Solar Screen Customer Video Review
Austin TX Solar Screen Customer Video Review

I will say that there is one review site that I do favor and that is Check out our Austin TX Solar Screen Company Yelp listing.  Now I will say that you can buy yelp reviews on the Internet. As well as you can buy Google reviews on the Internet. There are people that go out and set up fake accounts, and by using these fake accounts they will generate a paid review for you.  So as a business you can hire these people to create fake reviews for you.

Another really good source is  better business bureau Austin TX Solar Screens accredited A+ rated listing. The Better Business Bureau cannot be manipulated or faked. As a business, to have an accredited business listing with the Better Business Bureau there is an annual cost. My annual cost is around $600. One of the things I like about the Better Business Bureau accredited business listing (be sure to look for accreditation, not all businesses listed have been accredited) is that they will not allow just in the business to be part of their program. In order to be part of their program, you have to go through a rigorous review process. They check you out with the State and make sure there are no liens against you, that your history with the State is good, and they look at your business credit history  And, they even do things like they evaluate your website to make sure you are not making any false or fake claims or promises. Check out our Austin TX solar screen Better Business Bureau A+ rating that is posted for our business, J P Hobbs, inc on the BBB website.

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At Josh, we place a great deal of emphasis on hand written reviews, reviews that cannot be easily faked just like this one.