Happy Solar Screen Customer

This customer, Susan, wrote in, to tell us how happy she was with her solar screen installation. She wrote in to tell us that she was ecstatic, and pleased that we did everything that we said we would do, on time.

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She was very happy that we came over and measured her home on the day we said we would. That we emailed her the order on the day that we said we would, and we followed up appropriately, and then we came out and installed the screens on the day that we said we would.

She was also very pleased at how cool it was inside of her house. She said, “The difference was staggering.” She told us that the thermostat now is set at a higher setting, and her rooms stay so much cooler.

She was very pleased that she had this job done, but she also told us that she would have liked to have installed the solar window screens sooner. My answer to everybody that says this is, “There’s no time like the present, because now you’re prepared for the days to come or the next hot Texas Summer that’s yet to┬ácome.”

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I couldn’t be more happy with my new solar screens and your service. You did everything that you said you would and on time. I can see a big difference in how cool my living room is now even at a slightly higher thermostat setting with my new solar screens. Wish I would have called you sooner!