Chocolate solar screens on Red Brick Home


This is a reddish brick home. Looks like it’s got some brown bricks integrated into the red. This customer used the chocolate solar screen fabric.

In this picture, it’s hard to tell this is the chocolate fabric, but it is. You’re going to see the trim going around this home. It’s an off‑white, tannish‑looking color.

We used our tan solar window screen framing to complement that trim. That tan framing or the white framing would have worked. The white framing is just fine, because the windows are wide. However, to accentuate the solar screen fabric, we went ahead and used the tan.

When I see the house, when I come by to measure the house, I will always make a recommendation to you as to what color of framing, and what color of fabric that I like for the house. Rest assured that you don’t have to make that decision on your own.  Take a look at my photo gallery to see some of my recommendations.

When I see the home, I will leave behind paperwork. It’s called our “We were here” paperwork. In that, we’ll show you an order of recommendation, what color combinations I like for your home.