Austin Texas Solar Window Screen Review

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Sue, which is a customer of ours in Austin, Texas, chose to use the chocolate solar screen fabric. On her home, as you can tell by looking at this picture, she put a solar screen over her back patio door which is something we are in strong favor of.

Sue, never having Austin TX solar window screens before, mentions here that she is saving energy, meaning she is saving on her utility bills. The air conditioning does not have to turn on as much because her windows are being shaded.

She did say the house is a bit darker.

If you open your blinds, the house will not be darker. Whenever the sun is shining straight onto your windows, it’s one thing with the solar screens in place. When the sun is shining onto the other side of the house, it’s a different thing.

In other words, if you have solar screens on the back of your home and the sun is shining on the front of your home, then the back of the home does appear to be darker because you have all that shade.

You can go ahead and open those blinds but you don’t get much ambient light because the sun isn’t shining directly onto those windows. But once the sun moves to the back of the home and shines directly on those windows, then you’re going to see that the solar screens led in quite a bit of sun or quite a bit of light, I should say.

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Thank you for job well done. The house is dark and I am saving energy but I have to turn my lights on :). I will be referring my friends to you.