Are Heat Shade Screens the same as Solar Window Screens ?

Lakeway TX Heat Shade Screens for Windows

A solar window screen is sometimes referred to as a heat shade screen.  Don’t be confused, when you hear the phrase heat shade screen for windows, what’s being meant to be said is solar screens for windows.

When looking for heat shade screens for your home’s windows, solar screens are what you are looking for. Solar screens provide shade for your windows. In this Lakeway, Texas heat shade screens for windows installation, we put these shade screens on all of these customer’s windows.

As illustrated in this picture, you will see the windows there around the front door. The customer did not exclude those windows, and to the left of the front door, you have the long rectangular windows. Those windows open and then you’ve got non‑opening windows above them. All of these windows took a heat shade screen, and this Lakeway, Texas home looks wonderful because of it.