Round Rock Solar Window Screen Install

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This review was submitted to us by the Smiths of Round Rock. This home, we installed solar screens on all of the windows of this customer’s home. They were just pleased with the white at the screen to look. They said, “The solar screens make the house considerably cooler.” They did say that they were having to adjust to it being a little darker in the home. They say, less natural light.

They are very pleased with the ease of the website and how informative our website is. They said the whole ordering process was simple. The measuring and installation were done on schedule, and they said it was just a pleasure to be able to work with us.

Happy customers like this result in more customers. We yield a great deal of emphasis on repeat customers.

Treating all of your customers well, doing a good job for all of your customers, in the long run, turns out to be more business for us. These guys here are a fine example of a happy customer of ours.  Please take a few moments to Learn more About Us.

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We are very pleased with our solar screens. They look good and make the house cooler. We are quickly adjusting to having a little less natural light in the house. Your website is very informative, ordering is easy, the measuring and installation were done on schedule. It was a pleasure working with you! We highly recommend you to others.