20 Window Solar Screen Install in Round Rock

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101913w (14)This is a 20 solar window screen installation that we did for a customer in Round Rock, Texas. We put 90 percent solar screens on every window of the back of this customer’s home to include his patio door windows and the side lights around the patio door.

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Round Rock TX is part of our Service Area

These Windows were very large, so on these windows the windows that open there on the first floor, we made sure to put turn clips in the center of the screen to give the screen a little bit more reinforcement, just in case the wind ever came across the side of it to try and blow them out. Because of these clips, there’s no chance that the wind could pull these screens out of their lip provisions.

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Just because these windows were made to hold and accommodate full‑sized screens doesn’t mean that you can just put a screen in there and walk away from it without worry. These windows are very large, therefore the screens are very large. We felt as an extra level of precaution, we don’t ever want these screens to come out of these windows on their own, that’s why we chose to put the turn clips in the center of the screens to hold them.

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