Brown Solar Screens for Austin TX Home

For this Austin Texas home we installed a total of 38 solar screens. We installed 18 solar screens on the backside of this home, two solar screens on the left side of this home, 12 solar screens on the front of the home and 5 solar screens on the right side of this home.

Brown Fabric Austin TX Solar Screen Installation

Front of Austin TX Solar Screen installation home

These windows are your typical Austin Texas windows, they are vinyl not metal. For all vinyl Austin TX SOLAR SCREEN installations we direct screw the solar screens to the outside edges of the vinyl window frame.

Here in Austin with in the past two to three years all new construction homes are outfitted with these vinyl windows. There are currently about five different makes and models of vinyl windows that are used for your standard construction homes. Each vinyl window is different, therefore the solar screens will install on each of them differently.  We always install our solar screen to the outer edge of the vinyl window, generally known as a construction area of the vinyl window. We never screw a solar screen into the area of the window that holds the glass, it’s always on the outside edge of the vinyl window outside of the partition within the window that separates the glass.

For our solar screens Austin TX installations it is imperative that when installing the solar screens on to vinyl windows that we do not cover the weep holes. You will see in the bottom left and right corner of these windows here, you will see weep holes. Those weep holes are there so that if water gets into the window frame the water can drain out the bottom. People will ask how water will get into the window frame and water will get into the window where the glass is pressed up against that vinyl framing. These weep holes are there by Design to let that water Escape.

Solar Screens for the back of the home.

Solar Screens for the back of the home.

The back patio of this home could have benefited from two exterior Austin TX patio roller shade screens.  Patio roller shades could have been installed to have provided for temporary shade when needed for the patio.  This side of the home facing the West could have really benefited from two 90% roller shade screens.  The commercial roller shades Austin TX are not too terribly different than the exterior roller shades, they are both made to last.

In this picture you will see all of these Brown fabric 90% solar screens covering all of the windows here on the back of the home. As you will notice the customer did not leave off the solar screens for the back patio doors. As a pair of swing out doors, doors swing open, these we installed solar screens on to. Additionally he chose to put solar screens on the Windows under the patio. The windows under the patio get sun therefore solar screens were needed for those windows and it would have looked odd if these windows were not covered with the solar screens.

Austin TX Solar Screens for the right side of the home

Austin TX Solar Screens for the right side of the home

The customer put solar screens on all the windows of their Austin TX home to include these right side windows.