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Austin TX Texas discounted priced supplier for installed Solar Window Screens

"Solar Screen Questions & Answers"

Austin TX Texas discounted priced supplier for installed Solar Window Screens

I am an Austin TX Solar Window Screen manufacturer and installer.  I only install my solar screens on homes and commercial properties here in the Austin TX area (see my service area), I do not ship assembled solar screens or solar screen products.  If you live in the Austin TX area and are looking for an accountable, reliable and affordable installed solar window screen supplier, we are your answer.

If you live outside of the Austin TX area and are looking for solar window screens, I strongly recommend that you visit my website www.JoshHobbs.com where you can find answers about your solar screen questions and to learn a ton about solar screens in general.  

Josh & Paula Hobbs, www.JoshHobbs.com

  On my website I provide a very detailed Solar Screen Questions & Answers page where you can learn all about solar screens.  My detailed Solar Screen Q&A page is made from the years of questions that we have been asked by our customers to included thoughtful replies and answers from us.  Many of the answers are illustrated with videos like the following.

Some of our Q&A VIDEOS
Solar Window Screen Density 80% vs 90%
Solar Screens for Doors
Window Film / Window Tint or Solar Window Screens?
90% Solar Screen Outward Visibility
Looking In, using Solar Screens for Privacy
How dark will the Solar Window Screens make my house?
What are the utility savings with Solar Screens?
Do the Solar Screens stay on year around?
 Benefits of Solar Window Screens


Round Rock Solar Window Screens Austin Solar Window Screens House Installation
Solar Screens Round Rock TX Customer Review
Love the new screens!
They are helping so much.
I will definitely refer others to you. [re: 206]
Solar Screens Austin TX Customer Review
I couldn't be more happy with my new solar screens and your service. You did everything that you said you would and on time. I can see a big difference in how cool my living room is now even at a slightly higher thermostat setting with my new solar screens. Wish I would have called you sooner! -Susan Barr [re: 202]

PRICING : People often call me from out of town to ask what they should expect for an installed solar screen price for their home, and I tell them to visit our website where they will see what our installed solar window screen pricing is so that they can have a reference for when they shop their local installers.   If you are outside of Austin and are wanting to get an idea for what an installed solar window screen pricing would be, we publish our installed pricing of which you could take a look at to use as a reference.  If you are locally and you are are looking for a discounted priced supplier for installed solar window screens, please be sure to visit our website to determine your installed cost.


Pflugerville Solar Window Screens House Installation Hutto Solar Window Screens House Installation
Solar Screens Pflugerville TX Customer Review
It was 105 degrees outside. Walked into the house at 5 pm—it was a cool 75 degrees and the AC wasn't running—a first during this extreme heat. The screens look great inside and outside—quite pleased. You did everything you said you were going to do. Thank you for your informative and prompt service. -The McGee's [re: 204]
Solar Screens Hutto TX Customer Review
Thanks, screens are great. Process is very slick and works as represented. Highly recommend your services. -Patrick Slavin
I add my thanks.
You did what you said you would and, unfortunately, that is rare today. -MaryAnn Slavin [re: 203]

INSTALLATION VIDEOSOne of the questions that we get asked quite often is how are the solar screens mounted on to the windows.  Here on Austin, our windows vary from windows in other parts of the country.  Windows are tradionally sourced from manufacturers in your area.  More an more awe are seeing nationwide manufacturers like Anderson which spreads out consistency to the different areas.  For our Austin customers, we created this page on our website to show them how how we install our solar screens.  This page on our website is a very detailed to include pictures and videos. 

Solar Screen Pop-In Windows w/ 1/2 Circle
Solar Window Screens Front Entry
Horizontal Sliding Solar Window Screen
Commercial Solar Window Screens
Solar Screens with Die Cast Metal Mounting Clips
Solar Screens Commercial Windows
Solar Window Screens, Pop-In installation


Cedar Park Solar Window Screens House Installation Leander Solar Window Screens House Installation
Solar Screens Cedar Park TX Customer Review
We can tell it is much cooler around the windows. We are acclimating to the low light but we do open the blinds. I wonder how dark it will be in the winter.
Thanks, Diana [re: 201]
Solar Screens Leander TX Customer Review
Repeat Customer.
You guys are great.
-Doug Clark and Family [re: 200]

PICTURES :  On my website I currently have 250+ High-Resolution pictures of Solar Screen Austin installations we have done.  By looking at these pictures you will get to see close-ups and distance shots.  The close-up shots give you an up close perspective oh how the sun shade screens fit to the windows.  The distance pictures allows you to see what the overall look of a home will have wearing the window solar screens.  Also, these are great pages to see what the different color combinations look like on the different exteriors of the various homes.

JoshHobbs.com Austin Solar Screens Pictures Page 1
JoshHobbs.com Austin Solar Screens Pictures Page 2
JoshHobbs.com Austin Solar Screens Pictures Page 3


Georgetown Solar Window Screens House Installation Buda Solar Window Screens House Installation
Solar Screens Georgetown TX Customer Review
Thank you for job well done. The house is dark and I am saving energy but I have to turn my lights on :). I will be referring my friends to you. [re: 199]
Solar Screens Buda TX Customer Review
We are very pleased with our solar screens. They look good and make the house cooler. We are quickly adjusting to having a little less natural light in the house. Your website is very informative, ordering is easy, the measuring and installation were done on schedule. It was a pleasure working with you! We highly recommend you to others. -Paul and Linda Smith [re: 198]

A great way to learn about a business is to read what others have to say, to read reviews from the customers of that  businesses.  On our website we post four pages that consist of over 300+ reviews from our customers.  In conjunction with the written reviews that we post, we also include video reviews from our customers.

Interviewing Austin Texas Solar Screen Customer Efran Garcia
Interviewing Solar Screen Austin TX Customer Pam Olson
Interviewing Solar Window Screens Austin TX Customer Bill Pearson


Bee Caves Solar Window Screens House Installation Lakeway Solar Window Screens House Installation

You can read through our many extensive pages posted here on this website to learn all about JoshHobbs.com to learn more about our solar screens and our solar screen installation services.  Posted here within these pages you can learn about things such as what shade screens are, what does exterior window shades mean, when would one use exterior window blinds and/or heat shade screens.  Within these pages we in detail talk about some of our installations, we go over customer reviews and we go in to detail about some of the questions and answers that are out there.

Read more here about our Solar Window Screen Installs, Feedback and Questions & Answers

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