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"Solar Screen Questions & Answers"

WHO WE ARE: We have been custom building and installing our solar window screens on the windows of homes and businesses in the Austin TX area for eight years.

PRICING: At JoshHobbs.com, we are a turn key business, we do not build solar window screens for self installations, we only do full service installations, meaning we measure the home, we build the screens, and we install the screens, we do not sell screens for self installations, and we do not do service/repair work for anything other than our own screens that we have installed.  Visit this page on our website to see what our installed solar screen pricing is.

As of 11/20/2013
we have successfully installed our solar screens on at least
40,000 windows in the Austin area,
that's not 40,000 homes, but it IS 40,000 windows

That's a boat-load of windows.

You literally can not go in to a sub-division in the Austin Texas area where you will not find a home wearing our solar screens. -Josh Hobbs

WARRANTY: We give a robust two year warranty on our screens and our installations. We do not warrant personal or weather damage.  Our solar screens are built to last, we do not make our screens out of any of the industries inferior products.   Read here under our solar screen guarantee where we explain our product and craftsmanship. 

SERVICE AREA: We install our solar screens on the windows of homes and business in the Austin TX area. 
Our Austin TX solar screen service area includes all of the connecting towns and  suburbs to Austin. 

TESTIMONIALS: You learn a great deal about a company by listening to what their customers have had to say about them.  On our website, we have 100s and 100s of Customer Reviews and an entire page dedicated to Customer Submitted Videos, form these sources you can learn a great deal about us as a company.


Watch this video to watch just one of the many customer submitted videos that we have posted on our JoshHobbs.com solar screen services website.